Desserts for Non-Profit Events

Desserts for Non-Profit Events

Call us at 570-915-4914 to ask for availability! We would love to help out your event! 

We can attend your event, set up a manned dessert or snack table! We will provide a variety of desserts & flavored pretzels keeping your guests in mind! 

Your guests will pay us directly. At the conclusion of the event, we will make a donation of 10% of all sales to your organization. 

This leaves you free to give your full attention wherever it is needed! No more asking people to make and donate baked goods, prepare snacks, or volunteer to sell the items! Sweet G's has your back! 

In return, we ask that we are the only desserts available at your event, as we cannot compete with less expensive or free desserts. We promise we will still make money for your event!